Tow Way! Eagle Towing Equipment shakes up the industry

Much like any industry, tow truck drivers often face backlash for their line of work. From a distrust of the system to an accusatory approach that some take towards the person who just rescued their car off the side of the road, people in the towing industry don’t have it easy.

But companies like Eagle Towing are working to make things better.

“Many people have misconceptions about the towing industry due to a few bad apples that are ruining things for the good ones,” Jack Poladian, Operations Manager at Eagle Towing told Collision Repair. “But we hold ourselves to a higher standard from what we know.”

Poladian and his family’s history in the industry represents a side of towing that many choose not to see. Launching in 1978, Eagle Towing – a tow truck distributing company – housed only one truck and one gas station.

Now in 2019, the company operates out of 15,000 sq. ft. facility, keeping their growing crowd of customers happy and drivers safe on the roads. It is the Poladian’s passion for their work that keeps them afloat.

“It all comes back to true dedication. My family has put their heart, soul, and every waking minute into this company.” Poladian said.

“Eagle Towing isn’t treated as a business, it’s treated as a lifeline and every moment Simon and Victor [co-owners] are thinking about their next move and how to support their customers.”

Not only is Eagle Towing changing the way people see tow truck operators as business professionals, but as emergency services. Poladian reminded Collision Repair that civilians must pull over when they see a tow truck operator heading towards a wreck considering the high-risk of car crash victims waiting on the side of the road for help.

“At the end of the day, everyone has a family and people risk their lives to help others in a jam,” said Poladian. “There’s nowhere in the rule books that says “you have to operate a tow truck,” these guys choose to come out and help no matter rain, sleet, hail, snow, or cars on fire. We are on-site doing whatever they can to help. “

When it comes to Eagle Towing’s future as a business and as a key asset to the industry in Ontario, Poladian says it’s only going up.

“I believe the future of this business is a bright one. Ever since I’ve been on board, we’ve increased sales by 300 percent, our service amounts have almost doubled, and we’re still pushing forward.”

Eagle Towing isn’t only growing independently, but the towing industry as a whole is vastly expanding. Many repair shops have begun diversifying their business, buying trucks themselves to help their customers bring their most demolished wrecks in. Although some cities don’t allow the use of repair shops to start towing, one’s that can have seen a large amount of success.

“Do your best to do the best quality of work that your capable of,” Poladian reminds new repairers branching into the tow truck industry. “Be fair with everyone. It’s our job to do incident management and help others while staying humble.”

For more information on Eagle Towing and their company’s history, visit

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