Slow Down, Move Over: New Brunswick the final province to add tow trucks to law

New Brunswick has become the tenth province in the country to adopt tow trucks into its ‘Slow Down, Move Over’ law—which until now, only included police, fire and ambulance in its coverage.

The inclusion of tow trucks in this law has been pushed for years by the widow of Nova Scotian Frank Deschenes, a Mountie who was killed when he was struck by a van while trying to help motorists change a flat tire.

Along with the new provisions, New Brunswick will also be doubling the fines for distracted driving to $280 as well as the fine for passing a flashing school bus to $480 in an attempt to make its roads safer.

Even with the revised ‘Slow Down, Move Over’ law in place, it is taking some motorists to catch on. Two weeks ago, two tractor-trailers failed to slow down or move over for a stopped tow truck on a northern Ontario highway, causing a collision. This itself came only weeks after an Ontario tower was killed in a roadside accident.

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