PAC Tool Mounts expands line for towing and wrecking industry

Lancaster, New York — July 4, 2013 — Performance Advantage Company has announced it will now provide tool mounts for heavy towing and wrecker vehicles. The company says its tool mounts will help trucks stay organized while protecting people and equipment.

This entry into the towing and wrecking industry is a natural progression for PAC. Their tool mounts are already used in industries like law enforcement, military and Emergency Medical Services. PAC says its products are tested to extremely high standards, and are ompliant with the standards set out by such organizations as the U.S.-based National Fire Protection Association.

Aside from the organizational benefits to PAC’s tool mounts, they also help with safety and stabilization of tools so they are not moving around a vehicle. Vehicle operators will know where tools are, what tools are missing at the end of a job, and can make sure tools are always in the right place.

PAC helps keep employees and bystanders safe with their secure and trusted tool mounts. For more information, please visit

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