New Tecumseth, Essa towers blitzed during OPP safety check

By CTAR Staff

New Tecumseth, Ontario — June 3, 2014 — A recent OPP safety check resulted in a number of tow trucks and taxis being pulled off the road to ensure their compliance with municipal regulations. The OPP safety check, held in Essa Township and New Tecumseth, was conducted by the Nottawasaga OPP in conjunction with the Central Region Traffic Enforcement Team and resulted in 17 tow trucks being inspected with four pulled off the road for unspecified safety reasons. Nottawasaga OPP Constable Kelly Daniels told the Alliston Herald that the reason these trucks would have been taken off the road was likely due to a major safety fault with the trucks or equipment. No tow companies among the 17 vehicles have been named, nor have the names of the pulled over operators been released. In addition to the 17 tow trucks, 16 taxis were pulled over with seven being taken off the road.

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