Emergency Ignorance: Another roadside collision as drivers fail to slow down for towers

Toronto, Ontario — Just weeks after the death of Ontario tower Todd Burgess, who died in a roadside accident on Nov. 7, the Canadian towing community is reporting another near-fatal roadside collision on in northern Ontario.

The incident was reported on Nov. 22 on Hwy. 11 in northern Ontario. Two tractor-trailers following the tow truck allegedly made no attempt to slow down or move over for the truck’s flashing lights, resulting in one of the trailers nearly colliding with an oncoming vehicle.

Thankfully, the oncoming vehicle had slowed down for the emergency lights and was able to avoid a head-on collision. A second tractor-trailer then hit the vehicle being rigged from behind, forcing the car into the rear of the tow truck.

Luckily, no one was injured⁠.

“The two tractor-trailers made no attempt to stop or slow down,” said Scott Davies, who witnessed the accident and reported it in the Towing in Canada online Facebook group.

“With all these tow trucks being hit, it’s time for the OPP to step up and start to enforce these laws,” said one commenter. “Start ticketing the offenders, enough is enough.”

“People need to smarten up,” said another. “In too much of a hurry to go nowhere.”

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