Edmonton police ask drivers to slow for tow trucks, other emergency vehicles

Edmonton, Alberta — August 30, 2012 — Edmonton police are asking the city’s motorists to reduce their speed near tow trucks and other emergency vehicles. The request comes on the heels of a recent spate of accidents and close calls.

A service truck from the Alberta Motor Association was hit while on duty last month, and three police officers were struck while conducting traffic investigations.

“Our operator was lucky and so was the motorist we were rescuing,” said Randy Loyk, AMA’s Manager of Technical Services. “We want people to remember that could be one of your family members getting their tire fixed or your dad that’s putting himself at risk to help someone in danger.”

The law requires drivers to slow down to 60 km/h or less in a lane next to a stopped ambulance, fire truck, police cruiser or tow truck.

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