Cape Breton tow truck drivers cash in on potholes

Cape Breton County, Nova Scotia — April 20, 2015 — Potholes are spelling out big business for towing companies in Cape Breton County.

Kevin’s Towing driver and manager Corey Payne told CBC News the Sydney-based business is receiving a minimum of 12 to 15 calls daily. “There’s days I’m giving ETAs of two and three hours, and I’m spending all day trying to get caught up on calls,” Payne said in the report, adding that this year has been one of the worst for accidents. Along with distracted driving, he says potholes—some reaching three feet in depth—are largely to blame, resulting in damaged tires, rims and mufflers. One of Payne’s recent jobs involved a two-day-old Ford, suffering $5,000 worth of havoc to the tires and rims alone. Payne says he doesn’t expect business to slow down until the pothole-ridden roads are filled.

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