Calgary tow truck driver thanks “hero” bus driver for returning lost $1,500 US

Calgary, Alberta — April 8, 2015 — A Calgary-based tow operator had a scare earlier this week when he accidentally left $1,500 U.S. behind on a bus on his way to work. The Calgary Sun reports Fred Bediako noticed his wallet was missing on the morning of April 6 when he went to reach for a bus transfer. In a panic, Bediako called Calgary Transit’s lost and found department to explain the mishap, but didn’t expect anything to come of it. “I left a message thinking that it’s done, because nobody will return $1,500 U.S. dollars because it’s a lot of money to me,” he told the Sun, adding that he had been holding the money to send to a friend’s mother in Ghana, West Africa. Thankfully, Bediako’s wallet, with money intact, was quickly discovered by transit driver Mustaf Gashi during a routine morning walkabout. “My reaction immediately, I was thinking to Mr. Fred, I know his feeling,” says Gashi, later handing the wallet to his dispatch office, who then reached out to Bediako. Within hours, Bediako’s loss had been returned, and the grateful tow truck driver made the trek to Calgary Transit the next day to personally thank Gashi with a hug. “This gentleman here is my hero,” he says.

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