Toronto Tow Attacks: Wednesday shooting may give police key video evidence

Toronto, Ontario — March 5, 2020 — Toronto Police believe there is video evidence of a targetted attack on a tow truck driver that occured on Wednesday. The driver, who was taken to hospital and is now in stable condition, was shot in North York around 7:30 in the evening. Police have asked any witnesses […]

Asked and Answered: White noise back-up systems

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan — Earlier this week, Saskatchewan towing professional Chris Kosty was taken aback by a sign on the back of a municipal snow plow. It read: Caution! New white noise back-up alarm. “I was travelling behind one of these guys and then I noticed the sign. My first thought was ‘I think my truck […]

Caught on Camera: Police release image of tow truck arson suspect

Toronto, Ontario — March 9, 2020 — Police in the Durham Region are asking members of the public for help to identify a suspect believed to have been involved in an arson attack on a tow truck. On Saturday, officers found a burning tow truck on Elizabeth Street, near Betts Road. Firefighters were able to […]

Valentine’s Day Vandal: Vancouver man steals, crashes BCAA truck

Vancouver, British Columbia– A Valentine’s Day incident in Vancouver involving a stolen tow truck ended with a 41-year-old in police custody. The man, who is accused of stealing a BCAA tow truck driver’s vehicle during the middle of a roadside operation, was arrested shortly after crashing the truck into one of Vancouver’s bike racks. He […]

Building Trust: Tips for dealing with customer questions about repair facilities

Concerned about your advice to clients being misconstrued? When towing and recovery professionals are criticized, it is often because they are accused of pushing drivers to visit repair facilities with whom they have a kickback arrangement. While not unheard of, not every recommendation provided is done so for financial reasons. Even towing professionals with agreements […]